Double-Handed Fly Casting Lessons (Spey, Scandi and Skagit)

In my opinion Spey casting is one of the greatest forms of fly fishing. To learn how to fish and cast well with a double handed rod is such a fantastic experience and the rewards are often of the highest order. Although I am aware that learning to use one of these magnificent fly rods can be quite daunting, this should not be the case. Fly fishing lessons with me will give you the correct understanding and confidence to understand that it is all about technique and not power. Within a lesson, I will give you the full knowledge and understanding of Spey, Scandi and Skagit

Lessons can be taken at many locations throughout Yorkshire and County Durham, and are priced as either a half day (4 hours) or full day (7 hours). Prices can vary depending on location and are quoted on enquiry. During a fly fishing lesson all equipment is supplied (including waders). I will also cover your EA Rod Licence but NOT the fishery ticket.

You will also learn:

  • The mechanics of your equipment
  • A secure understanding of all fly lines used
  • How to set up your equipment
  • Leader set-up
  • Fishing knots
  • Flies and Tubes
  • How to land a fish
  • How to release a fish
  • Wading

Spey Casts:

  • Roll Cast / Jump Rolls
  • Overhead Casting
  • Single/ Double Spey
  • Circle C Casts
  • Snaps
  • Snake Rolls

Salmon Techniques:

  • Understanding of Flies and Tubes
  • Depth, colour and temperature
  • Surface Lures
  • Fishing Sunrays
  • Riffle Hitching

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During my lessons I will give you as many fly fishing tips and facts as possible on our journey.

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Salmon Fishing lessons make an ideal gift for a friend or relative, please enquire about a fly fishing voucher.

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