Salmon Guiding

We pride ourselves on our salmon guided days along with our high catch returns per season with our clients. Although not a Yorkshire river, we have a long standing relationship with a prestigious beat on the river Wear (#2 salmon river in England). In addition, we use the Yorkshire Esk, a stunning and intermate river located on the Egton Estate. We also support the river Ure at Swinton Park, offering the rare chance of a true dales salmon. As a company we will only use rivers that can genuinely offer you a high chance of catching. These guided days are for anglers of all abilities, from first timers after that bucket list fish, to hardened and well seasoned migratory anglers. 

Night Time Sea Trout Guiding

Richie has a very long standing history of night time sea trout fishing, with over 40 years of experience. His knowledge and reputation of this art is unequalled and to be taken advantage of. We once again use the river Wear (#1 sea trout river in England) for this due to its easy wading and fantastic runs of sea trout. It's an incredible experience to fish in full darkness, not just to hear the river come alive with moving sea trout, but also to use your heightened senses of all but sight. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST BE A COMPETANT CASTER TO DO THIS.


What is our Priority List?

We have done this for years, once the rivers move into flood and our trout sessions have to cancel, we open the diary to our Priority List. This list works on a round robin concept and on a first come first served basis. Once our rivers are in prime condition for salmon or night time sea trout, we give you a date, time and location. Then, if you are up for it, you simply let us know as soon as possible and we will get you out there with the greatest chance of catching possible.

Priority List