The Cod Beck Fly Fishing Syndicate

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Fly Fishing Yorkshire is privileged to own a 2 mile section of the Cod Beck at South Kilvington near Thirsk, fly fishing for Wild Brown Trout and Grayling. (Strictly catch and release)

We have had this stretch of Cod Beck since 2012 and back in 2014 it was opened as a fly fishing syndicate. This in turn, allowed fly fishermen to become members of this truly magical piece of water, which was a 5 page main feature in the June 2016 Total Fly Fisher Magazine, titled '2 Miles of Heaven'.

The Cod Beck syndicate also comes with a beautiful 1km section of Bedale Beck.

Our stretch of the Cod Beck is split up into 4 beats, which are known as: 'The Deeps', 'Kilvington', 'Spa Farm' and 'The Dens', Each beat boasts its own special character, as detailed below.

The Deeps

The Deeps is the first beat on our water, it is slow in character and as the name suggests, it's deep! There are no trees in this section allowing ease of casting, and it's notorious for large Brown Trout during the prolific Mayfly hatch which can be stalked from the bank sides giving great sport. Brown Trout up to the 2lb mark are common place here. The Mayfly hatch is known for being very large on the Cod Beck system, and the beck is locally known as the Mayfly capital of the north.


Kilvington is a large section which is tree lined throughout the beat. However, the trees are not an issue for the angler as they have been lopped to allow casting with ease while not losing any of those precious canopies. It feels like fishing through a tree lined dome. The water flows at a wonderful pace through here and offers some retreat during the hot summer days. As you move through this beat it ends up at our very own weir pool. Here during the early spring months you can find the Brook Lamprey working away, and during October and November you can witness the Salmon and Sea-Trout migrating on their long journey.

Spa Farm

Spa has an almost chalk stream feel to it; stunning runs and riffles that drop into deep little pockets, which hold some real treats for the angler. With no trees in sight it flows through the open grass fields quietly harbouring all in the insects and flies that have blown in off the surrounding grassland. This section is the most simple for a newcomer to the sport, where casting and wading are the easiest possible.

The Dens

If you are after jungle warfare then here it is! The Den's has been purposefully kept wild and untouched, so to give the advanced angler the challenge he needs. Your efforts will be well rewarded as Brown Trout up to the 3lb mark have been caught down here. You will need the right fly fishing techniques and a short rod in order to navigate your way round.

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If you are interested in joining the syndicate or would like further information regarding membership and fees, please feel free to get in touch.

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The Skeeby Beck Fly Fishing Syndicate

Membership status is currently “full”

Fly Fishing Yorkshire is privileged to have a 2.4km section of Skeeby Beck near Richmond, fly fishing for Grayling and Wild Brown Trout (Strictly catch and release).

We have had this stretch of Skeeby Beck since 2020. This river was in need of serious attention of which it got; we have made this into an anglers paradise. Skeeby Beck has instantly gained a name for its grayling numbers, during its first few months it has already produced a 3lb grayling. It's winter fishing has also been recognised as being something special. The beck also has some wonderful brown trout which during the Mayfly hatch really proved themselves. Skeeby is an unusually deep beck in areas, this gives great salvation for fish and purposefully unkempt areas to act as a firebreak to help bring sanctuary to the fish.

Our stretch of Skeeby Beck is split up into 3 beats, which are known as: 'Old Maids', 'Nderit' and 'The Horse Pasture', Each beat boasts its own special character, as detailed below.

The Horse Pasture

The longest of the beats, another classic section which has slow deep pools to faster runs. The Horse Pasture runs through open grassland, its a very picturesque area through the tall meadow grasses. At certain times of year it will even allow the stalking angler to pick out individual fish, but stealth is the key. At the highest point of the beat is the bridge pool, a wonderful pool where there is a real chance of a sea trout or even maybe a salmon later in the year.


The middle section known as Nderit is a brilliant section which constantly moves from a run into deep pool, as with most of the beck it is easy wading with the base being fine gravel. Ladders offer ease of access in and out of the water. Nederit comes with a private feel when fishing due to the steep sides, and with the trees all managed its no issue for the angler.

Old Maids

Old Maids is the lowest beat on the beck, a mixture of fast runs and riffles, including a lovely section through a wood which is a savour on those hot days. As with the whole beck, all the trees have had attention and there are even benches for the pondering angler. As with all the beats they have a natural tight meander which creates the perfect water movement.

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The Skeeby Beck Syndicate offers fantastic parking along the whole beat, with ladders and benches along the full stretch. Every member receives a beat map, membership card, and vehicle sticker. Fishing the beck with a 7.6ft #3 for standard dry fly and nymphing, although longer rods of 9.6ft and 10ft #2/3 for euro nymphing is a lethal method. The syndicate is made up of a small number of members to keep the fishing light and personal. If you would like to become a member or would like further information on Skeeby Beck, please get in touch.